Korashan association

Revitalising heritage and culture


Korashan Association is the non-profit, community based organisation, that supports the mission to Reconnect Humanity with Nature.

The campaigns and events that are developed and funded by Korashan are  focussed on the creation of a beacon of peace and inspiration in the mountain valley of the Muxagata River, known as Vale das Lobas. This includes the preservation and revitalisation of the rich cultural heritage, the restoration of buildings, and the recovery of artisanal techniques and practices.

Funds are raised though a mix of one-off donations and from private and corporate membership subscriptions.


Become a part of the Korashan community and experience the power of membership. Subscriber members provides consistency, and allows the association to plan prudently for future campaigns. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a better future. Join us and let’s shape the world together!

Subscribe with a monthly sum, and your donation will support the chapel restoration fund, and other campaigns in the future.


At the heart of the vision to create a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world is the restoration of the Capela dos Girões in Sobral Pichorro. Korashan has opened a campaign to raised the funds needed for this restoration, called Save a Saint, and we are now accepting donations from the wider community.