The 17th century Capela dos Girões holds a unique place in the world of Portuguese sacred art. The beautiful iconography, painted on 38 chestnut panels, makes reference to arcane mysteries.

The chapel forms part of the Solar dos Girões, seat of the Beltrão family frtom 1608 until 1948, when it was bequethed to the Diocese of Viseu, and used as a Seminario until the 1990s. In the past decades, the estate and chapel fell into disrepair. In 2012, it was purchased by Vale das Lobas, to create a centre for peace and healing, called the Nature Spa, which will open in 2024. The construction works are now almost completed, and the restoration of the capela is underway.

This delicate work of restoration is being performed by the Sacred Arts master craftsmen “Capitellum” in Braga. Once restored, the chapel will provide spiritual inspiration to all, regardless of creed or denomination. The Bishop of Viseu has agreed to reconsecrate this chapel, and it will be dedicated to Mary Magdalene, in honour of the sacred feminine, and the need to restore balance on Earth. The Capela dos Girões will be open to the public, to welcome people from near and far.

The campaign Save a Saint is raising funds through donations for the following:

  1. Restoration of the Capela dos Girões
  2. The publication of a full-colour book commemorating the restoration, called Capela dos Girões
  3. Organisation of the dedication ceremony for the chapel

With the support of your donation to Save a Saint, this beautiful chapel will shine again with radiance and splendour.


€100 Donation

  • Hard copy of Capela dos Girões
  • 10 post-cards of saints




€250 Donation

  • Hard copy of Capela dos Girões
  • 10 post-cards of saints
  • Invitation to dedication ceremony



€500 Donation

  • Hard copy of Capela dos Girões
  • 10 post-cards of saints
  • Your name listed in the book.
  • Invitation to dedication ceremony.


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Your generous contribution will not only help to restore this beautiful chapel to its former glory, but also it will help to provide inspiration, education, and healing to all who visit.


Here are the saints that you will be saving with your donation to this campaign

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